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Project Name: London barbecue shop design


Project address: London, UK


Design area: 115㎡


Main materials: graffiti, iron art, color glass, cement paint, cultural stone



The cultural attribute of barbecue is the rebellion against the habitual diet in its original flavor and vulgar instant effect. On the other hand, it is recognized by the dietary memory codes of human ancestors in the era of fishing and hunting. Nowadays, there is nothing more attractive to childhood and adults with childhood complex than barbecues. In fact, barbecue has always been a form and taste attraction for mankind in the past time. Now it has entered a multi-value barbecue era, in the Yellow River flowing through the land, barbecue from the realism, in an aggressive manner to expand its cultural and economic boundaries. The barbecue is also operated in two directions, one is to maintain the street barbecue, and the other is to intensive barbecue restaurant. "Wild spirit" always contains the wild and romantic era of fishing and hunting, in the continuous extension of the scene, the campfire roasting and eating, emitting an attractive fragrance and joyous atmosphere is irresistible.


Skewer & Beer Barbecue Shop, the main Chinese young people in London's consumer market, the overall atmosphere is very lively and lively. This project is located in Chinatown, central London (Shho District), which is equivalent to Sanlitun, Beijing, China. Chinatown attracts a lot of Chinese cuisine. Apart from attracting Chinese tourists and students studying in London, there are also many local residents of London who come to admire it.



Skewer&Beer is a very attractive brand, which is the main market for young people. The exterior walls of the building are preserved, attracting pedestrians to and fro with exaggerated graffiti, and the glass lattices reveal the lively atmosphere of the restaurant.


The interior of the restaurant also retains the original structure, cement-painted walls, floors, spacious and tall air conditioning, colorful neon lights with iron sculpture and exaggerated graffiti let the space filled with a strong flavor of hormones.

整个空间并未用过多的装饰去点缀,餐桌椅统一用固定的长条桌椅,桌面配备可供客人自己动手的烧烤架, 每张餐桌的上方都有一盏或弯曲或垂吊着的LED小灯,灯光晕染,每一张餐桌仿佛都有着属于自己的一番天地。

The whole space is not decorated with too much decoration. The dining tables and chairs are uniformly fixed with long tables and chairs. The tabletop is equipped with a barbecue stand for guests to do their own work. Each table has a small LED lamp above it, which is curved or hanging. The light is dizzy. Each table seems to have its own world.

来到“Skewer&Beer”的顾客们首先被吸引的便是充满特色、怀旧之旅的装修环境。墙面大面积的采用文化石+艺术手绘图案,隔断用80年代教堂里面采用的彩色压花玻璃,实木的座椅,吧台面大面积采用铁丝网背光彩色LED灯带、不锈钢材料与砖相结合的桌面、贴着红色文化石的墙壁 还有遥相辉映的艺术涂鸦,进入“Skewer&Beer”的人无不被眼前一幕幕惊艳的画面所吸引而流连忘返!

Customers who come to Skewer & Beer are first attracted to the unique and nostalgic decoration environment. The large area of wall adopt cultural stone + artistic hand-drawn pattern, cut off with the colored embossed glass used in the church in the 1980s, solid wood seats, the large area of bar surface adopt barbed wire backlight colored LED lamp belt, stainless steel material and brick combination desktop, wall pasted with red cultural stone and remote artistic graffiti. People who enter the "Skewer&Beer" are attracted by the stunning images in front of the scene and linger on.



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